Alaina Castillo




Love the way that you say what I’m thinking
like you already know what i’m wanting
tell me all of the things that i’m missing
but i already know that you’re fronting
i can’t lie that i feel the connection
feel that chemistry building the tension
but i got a man and he treats me right
and i don’t wanna give the wrong signs
but i feel like every time i say i’m done
how you pull me right back like
and i’m sorry but i can’t do that

Oh papa rico
sabes que yo te lo digo
no puedo mas
deep down i really want you like that but
can’t misbehave
oh papacito
sabes que no necesito
lo que me das
girl wants what a girl can’t have but
can’t walk away oh papa rico

How’d the space in between us get closer
suddenly you’re right over my shoulder
and you joking like this shit aint over
boy stop teasing let’s give this some closure
you say closure don’t come with your clothes on
when you’ve wanted that someone for so long
but i gotta man and he treats me right
and i don’t wanna be that type

I aint tryna tell you that there’s nothing right here
we got something right here
we got something that’s clear
i just wish u had some better timing that’s all
cause your timings been off
yeah your timings all wrong.