Luis Eduardo Aute




From the canyons of the mind
whe wander on and stumble blindly
through the often tangled maze
of starless nights and sunless days
while asking for some kind of clue,
a road to lead us to the truth
but who will answer.
Side by side two people stand
together vowing hand in hand
that love´s embedded in their hearts.
But soon an empty feeling starts
to overwhelm their hollow lives
and when they seek the "hows" and "whys"
who will answer.
On a strange and distant hill
a young man´s lying very still,
his arms will never hold his child
because a bullet running wild
has struck him down! and now we cry
"Dear God! oh why, oh why"
but who will answer.
High upon a lonely ledge
a figure teeters near the edge
and jeering crowds collect below
to egg him on with "go man go"
but who will ask what led him
to his private day of doom
and who will answer.
If the soul is darkened
by a fear it cannot name,
if the mind is baffled
when the rules don´t fit the game,
who will answer...

In this room with darkened shades,
the scent of sandalwood pervades
the coloured thoughts in muddled heads
reclining on the rumpled beds
of unmade dreams that can´t come true
and when we ask what we should do
who will answer.
Neath the spreading mushroom tree
the world revolves in apathy
as overhead a row of specks
roars on, drowned out by discotheques
and if a secret button´s pressed
because one man has been outguessed
who will answer.
In our hope in walnut shells
worn round the neck with temple bells?
or deep within some cloistered walls
were hooded figures pray in balls?
or in old books on dusty shelves?
or in our stars? Or in ourselves?
who will will asnwer.
If the sould is darkened
by a fear it cannot name,
if the mind is baffled
when the rules don´t fit the game
who will answer...