Gloria Estefan




Hey everybody
Every body’s got a rhythm
That’ll make you wanna move it
Like they do in South Beach
Gotta watch the women
When you see their bodies spinnin’
With the face, twist the waist
Like merengue in the streets

Il y a de l’amour dans l’air
Love is in the air

This is dedicated to los oprimidos
Who give so much love that is in the air
They work all day then dance all night
So if tomorrow don’t come
They say, “Hey,who cares!”
And now the heat is on
Because this beat is on
And now our feet are gone
Heh, heh, heh, heh

Hey everybody…

To start the party’s what I came to do
I don’t care with who so how ‘bout you
Give up your worries and outdance the moon
‘Til the sun comes through with the morning view

And now the heat is on…

Arre pote pote pote
Arre pote pote pa
Había una chinita sentada en un café
Con sus dos zapatos blancos
Y las medias al revés.