Gloria Estefan




It cuts both ways
Our love is like knife
That cuts both ways
Its driven deep into my heart each time
That I realize

How it cuts both ways
Cant be together
Cannot live apart
Were heading straight into a broken heart
But I cant stop

Cause I feel too much to let you go
Im hurting you and its hard I know
To stay and fight for what weve got
Knowing itll never be good enough
Cause you and I are dangerous
We want too much and life aint that way
Dont ask for more
Dont be a fool
Havent we already broken every rule

It cuts both ways
were in too deep for sorry alibis
Cant have regrets or even question why
We cant say goodbye
Because it cuts both ways
No more illusions of the love we make
No sacrifice would ever be too great
If you would just stay

Cuts both ways
Our love is like a knife that cuts both ways
Its drivin deep into my heart each time
I see we livin the lie

And it cuts both ways
It cuts both ways, mmm
Cuts both ways
Cuts both ways.