Romeo Santos




-Goodevening ladies and gentleman,
please give it up for Romeo Santos.

-Thank you guys, thank you very much.
If you don´t mind you can keep playing the piano, go ahead,
so how you guys like the album, you enjoy it?
wow, I´m honored. Thank you, very nice of you.
I was trying to include a song in this production,
where I could just express my feelings and my thoughts,
sort of what I´m feeling at this moment,
but I couldn´t create the perfect melody, I know the right words.
I mean, I´m sure you guys have heard many stories, a lot speculations.

And like usual in every version I'm the bad guy,
Romeo is the bad guy.
I mean, people, sometimes a person can really get very tired
of defending themselves over, and over again.
Specially when you see you´re point is not getting across,
so, I´ve decided to say no more.
And I´ll just be amusement and entertainment to you guys,
I will love those that love me and, you know, I will also love those that hate me,
´cause haters contribute to my success.
You know, continue to do what I do best, music, with my own formula.
Thank You.